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Balaboste is an innovator in the space organization field, offering a unique focus on sustainability and eco-friendly solutions.

 This holistic approach adds a critical dimension to the relationship between us and our belongings. It is done with a deep commitment to humanity and the planet and involves Zero-Waste practices.


How does it work? At the end of each session, we will remove the items you no longer need or want, so you are not stuck with bags and boxes of items to clear yourself. This will enable you to immediately feel the transformation and potential of your space. 

Lovely, but what happens to the stuff afterwards? We sort through everything, separating items by material, condition and utility. Then, we distribute these goods to more than two-dozen venues, from donation centers to resellers and recycling facilities. We’ll keep your space and conscience clean as we sustainably manage it for you!

What if some of these things are not reusable? Big fans of the saying ‘it’s not waste until it is wasted’, we take great measures to properly recycle materials such as electronic breakage, expired foods, rags, damaged books, metal scraps, and many more. 

Wofford Earthworks-20230110T053501Z-001.jpeg

Balaboste is proud to collaborate with the Village of Hastings-on-Hudson by spearheading a local reuse facility.

Take It or Leave It is a garage where patrons are welcome to drop off items they no longer need, and take anything they do, free of charge. This initiative is aimed to help funnel unused goods away from waste streams and support overall consumption reduction.

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