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Space Organization

We are excited to offer our services as a unique gift you can buy your loved ones. This experience is designed to excite, inspire, and transform people in their space.

Balaboste gift certificates include the following offerings:

45-minute Virtual Consultation

In this inspiring session, we will be providing practical input on the unique needs of the recipient. We will offer specific recommendations for better organization solutions and discuss best practices to be applied in the space. 

2-hour In-Person Session

In this hands-on session, we will focus on one area in the home or business. Through sorting and decluttering we begin the process of defining what are “must keeps” and what are the current needs in the space. We will work to establish systems and solutions to achieve better organization habits and eliminate what is no longer needed. All unused goods will be removed at the end of the session (size and weight limits apply) and sustainably disposed of.

Give the Gift of Space Organization

Balaboste offers wellness practices anyone can appreciate and benefit from. This bespoke experience is a kind, generous, and environmentally conscious gift alternative to any object you can buy.

Want to talk through it some more? Contact us for more information.

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