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Our Services

As we work to create and maintain healthy space habits, we focus on three main principals: 

  • By asking what is essential, we determine the baseline for the process. What items you own best reflect who you are. Those items are ‘must keeps’.

  • By eliminating what is no longer needed, we bring closure to unfinished matters and make room for what you need now. We will co-create a plan for those items to be cleared out.

  • By naming and defining new goals for your space, we establish a plan for next steps. Here is where your vision comes alive, and together we lay out the road map for your ongoing Balaboste journey. 

Our offering is divided into two categories:

Each offering is customized for your needs and includes a pricing proposal based on the scope or work.


Life happens. Some changes we can plan for, others are thrust upon us. What is common is that they can be stressful, overwhelming and demanding. We can manage any transition in you or your family’s journey: from a renovation through a separation, a parent’s move or your own downsizing. From the tactical to the practical we partner with you before, during or after a life-event.


Space organization, with focus on decluttering, sorting and repurposing. We use different strategies to clean and clear your space, including removal of unwanted goods in a sustainable and thoughtful manner. During or after this phase we can also suggest a coherent space design to meet your new needs and style.



"Your flexibility, efficiency & energy made a daunting task enjoyable. The house looks & feels great. It was so lucky to find you. Many, many thanks!"

-Michele and Mitch

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